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This page details our journey from consultation to completion, providing transparency into our collaboration to realize your vision.


Gaining insights into your vision and your users’ needs

01. Initial Meeting

In our first interaction, I’ll explore your goals, understand the project scope, set a timeline, and determine the budget.

02. Project Proposal

Post-discussion, I’ll craft a detailed project outline encompassing work scope, timeline, and budget, ready for our joint review and approval.

03. Contract Finalization

After approving the project outline, I’ll prepare a master service agreement for our mutual review and signature.


Setting a straight path towards successful outcomes

04. Project Onboarding

After we finalize the master service agreement, I’ll guide you through the project tasks outlined in our SOW. This includes handling of assets & credentials, setting up communication, and scheduling our kick-off call.

05. Planning Session

Once communication channels are up, we’ll schedule a comprehensive kick-off call. Here, we’ll revisit the project details before moving to the Site Map Planning & Information Architecture phase. Discussions will revolve around brand identity, website goals, personal inspirations, website concerns, and brainstorming website aesthetics.

06. Architecture Planning

During this phase, I’ll assist you in planning your new sitemap and mapping out your website’s customer journey. I’ll also evaluate your current URL and on-page SEO structure to retain your URL structure and current SEO.

07. Content Planning

Here, we delve into your content and weave a narrative around it. Your content and its story allow for better creative planning. This stage sets the stage for meaningful designs, eye-catching Hero page illustrations, and advanced interactivity.


Achieving the perfect balance of form and function

08. Sitemaps & UX Design

Following the pre-build strategy process, we move into creating sitemaps using GlooMaps. This lays down a strategic foundation for your site’s aesthetic. With a first draft of your homepage, a broad direction is established for the design stages in Figma.

09. Design Review, Revision, Approval

Once the initial design direction is set, the design progress for each page is meticulously tracked. This involves 2-3 rounds of collaborative revisions to align the design with your vision. Concurrently, work progresses on Interaction Planning and other aspects of your website. Once all design assets are approved, we transition into the development phase.


Where vision transforms into reality

10. Website Development

Once high-fidelity designs are ready, we move into the development phase using the agreed on development stack. Work progresses page by page to build custom components and integrations, each tracked, developed, reviewed, and approved.

11. Custom Development

As established in the discovery phase, any custom development needs will be tackled concurrently with front-end development. This could include API Integrations, Custom Forms, Membership Sites, Ecommerce, Log-in, and content migration.

12. On-page SEO

Built into your project are essential on-page SEO attributes such as Meta Tags, XML sitemaps, OpenGraph, and Robots.txt.

13. Website Launch 🎉

Prior to site launch, a thorough inspection is conducted. Your site is then published, supported by a monthly maintenance and hosting plan, if agreed on, for seamless, worry-free operation.

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